Your All-in-One Meal Prep Software

Your All-in-One Meal Prep Software

Manage your meal prep, engage your customers and grow your business all in one place.

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Meal Prep Software Built for New & Existing Businesses

If you already own a business, we’ll help you scale. Just starting out? We’ll teach you the ropes and provide industry leading tools to help create a new revenue stream.
KitchenFuel works with kitchens of all shapes & sizes!

Optimize Time & profits

Meal Prep Operators

You're already doing great - we want to help you do better. Simplify your current logistics and save time with our automated menu updates, subscription orders, label printing, delivery integrations and more!

Unlock Recurring Revnue

Catering Management​

Manage your catering events and ADD recurring subscription orders into the mix to generate consistent revenue forecasts to support your sales targets.

Create a New Business


Ever wanted to start a meal prep company?  We've seen restaurants that pivot to this business model have immense success opening a Ghost Kitchen and creating a new Meal Prep business using their existing kitchen & staff!

Simplify your meal prep now.

Power At Your Fingertips

KitchenFuel is the all-in-one site capable of transforming how you run your meal prep business, enabling you to automate the kitchen, scale with your success and focus on the food!

Save Time

Powerful Admin Dashboard to Automate, Automate, Automate!

Ever wish there were 25h in a day? Stop doing unnecessary admin tasks and have your virtual sous chef take care of them automatically!

Make money

Powerful Sales Tools to Convert Customers and Increase Revenue!

Use a tested website design customized specifically for meal-prep businesses to lock in monthly revenue and keep ’em coming back!

Admin Dashboard

You love cooking, not websites and logistics. Simple guided updates will allow you to focus on the cooking!

Check out our meal prep software back-end key features in more detail. 

Plan ahead by scheduling menu items for upcoming weeks and choose when the live menu rotates to the new meals.

Show your customers the macronutrient information to keep them informed.

Cooking Reports with all the macronutrients & ingredients too!

Plan your delivery schedule with automation to optimize your time spent in the car.

Meal delivery integrations coming soon!

Print labels with nutritional information, customer info, etc. right from an easy-to-use dashboard. No more manual labels!

Simplify your meal prep logistics with customized label integrations.

Understand which meals are most profitable and insights on your customers to better serve them.

Always important to understand your meal pricing structure and be able to forecast profits!

admin dashboard for meal prep owners to manage tasks like order sheets, cooking reports and more
Admin Dashboard is your Virtual Sous-Chef to save time and effort.
Example sales site with cart customization and a seamless ordering process.

Sales Site

Anyone can make a website — KitchenFuel’s is customized specifically for meal prep to convert sales and retain customers.

Check out our meal prep software front-end features! 

Plan your week ahead visually in the checkout cart. Proprietary meal prep software enables you to build your meals in view vs. adding them to a hidden cart.

AI generated meal recommendations based on past orders + customer logins with subscription discounts! Offering seamless subscriptions is a huge part of meal prep logistics that you’ve got include in your business.

Get your site to the top of Google search in your area with the help of our SEO experts!

Customers can easily understand their splits of calories, protein, carbs and fats to align with their diet goals!

Customer profiles enabling subscriptions to be put on hold, cancelled or make updates to future orders.

Incentivize your customers to become brand ambassadors for your meal prep business!

Are you familiar with the term Ghost Kitchen?

Don’t worry, anyone with a kitchen can get into the meal prep game! You can offer a weekly delivery meal prep option from your current restaurant OR start a whole new brand out of your ghost kitchen specifically to create a new revenue stream through meal prep delivery!

  • KitchenFuel requires no knowledge of coding. The sales site is completely built for you and the backend dashboard makes any changes to your menu, pictures, pricing, discounts, etc. very simple to update!

On average, it takes about 48h to get set up. We will need your branding (logo, colours, etc.) and your menu items + pictures as the final touch. 

Yes, as long as your existing provider allows you to export data in a .csv or .xls file. You can either use our site by itself or link to your existing website/facebook page by adding a “Meal Prep Order” button directing customers to your new “” page.

Of course! Our team is always happy to help get you launched and troubleshoot any website issues you may have. 

If you have a kitchen and a passion, our software will help you reach customers and take care of all the necessary updates. Get in touch to learn more so we can advise based on your unique cicumstances.

Yes! You can try KitchenFuel FREE for 14 days to see if its right for your business.

Depending on the payment processor you integrate with the fees will vary, BUT there is NO additional fees collected by KitchenFuel. Our standard is Stripe with 2.9% + 30¢ per successful charge, but contact us to see about other payment options.