About Us

Our Story

Starting out in 2017, we created a meal prep service for McMaster University in Hamilton, ON to help students spend more time studying and less time worrying about what the next meal was going to be – all while staying healthy. This quickly transitioned into families in the surrounding area wanting to take advantage of our amazing time-saving, chef-made meals!

Fast-forward to 2020, we noticed restaurants needing a new outlet for meal distribution and decided to share the software that we’ve built over the last few years to support. 

We know the struggle of starting meal prep business from scratch and we’re committed to being by your side all the way as you start this new journey in meal prep sharing best practices and helping avoid the mistakes we made early on. 

KitchenFuel is now a technology leader in the meal prep industry, removing barriers for new owners to start, manage, automate and execute a thriving business – all you need is the kitchen. We’re a meal prep software that integrates all aspects of the supply chain to create a seamless management experience for owners, simplifying all non-cooking business essentials through its innovative front- and back- end technologies, enabling anyone to become a meal prep owner.

Our Mission

Food is the ultimate thing to bring people together. Owning a Meal Prep Business shouldn’t take you away from your loved ones unnecessarily due to cumbersome processes and extensive administrative responsibilities. 

Our Mission is to provide meal prep/kit owners the best e-commerce solution through seamless digital supply chain integrations, enabling time to be spent on what matters most, the food.