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Understanding the Different Meal Prep Business Models

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Because everyone needs food, the food sector is a thriving industry. However, it has been altered dramatically due to human and technological progress. Aside from classic food companies like fast-food chains, steakhouses, and restaurants, there is a new food-selling business model called the meal prep business.

Meal prep businesses were created to supply people with nutritious and healthy meals. This industry was brought about by the increasing number of individuals worrying about their diet or what they eat, paired with the growing demand for at-home meal delivery during the pandemic..

We live in a fast-paced world where we may not have the time to conceptualize and cook healthy, filling meals. This is an excellent chance for entrepreneurs to launch their brand, producing healthy meals on the go. However, given the competition in meal-prepping brands now, businesses must have consumer intelligence and be able to evaluate both the macro and microenvironment.

If you are thinking of starting a meal prep business, this article will run you through how you can plan for success.

Understanding Meal Prep Businesses

Meal prep businesses are thriving businesses. They cater to people who are always on the go, don’t have time to cook from scratch and are trying to look after themselves. They focus on individuals who require convenient, nutritious and healthy meals.

Meal prep businesses offer consumers healthy and nutritious meals that can quickly be heated in the microwave. Bodybuilder diets, vegetarian diets, and any other dietary combinations that best suit your health are all possible.

The Different Meal Prep Business Models

When we say meal prep, it can be a rather vague term. It can range from delivering fresh ingredients and requiring the consumer to cook it all from scratch. Meal prep also refers to the pre-cooked meals delivered to your home or office.

Here are the different types of meal prep businesses you can start with:

1 – Pre-Prepared Meals

For those who don’t enjoy waiting for new meals every day, this sort of meal planning is ideal. 

Customers can select from a wide range of menu options and customize their meal plan based on cuisine preferences with the ability to pause or cancel each week.

The benefit of this service is that customers may eat whenever they want throughout the day without waiting for delivery. This way, food is always available at their residence and they don’t have to pay 30% fees to UberEats every time they want food delivered

2 – Meal Kits

People who want to personalize their meals and don’t want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen will be drawn to an online meal kit delivery business model.

In this strategy, all meals are sized to meet the clients’ needs who will be eating them. Customers will be able to make their own selections about what to eat and how many meals they want when the menu is made public. This menu includes nutritional information, especially for people looking out for their diet. 

Each customer receives just the correct amount of fresh ingredients, and the recipes they need are all delivered straight to their house by the service provider. This minimizes time at the grocery and preparation for the meal.

3 – Goal-based Meal Plans

People are increasingly concerned about their health and recognize links between food and physical health. This causes niches in the meal prep industry, which mainly offer meals beneficial for health or fit specific health problems.

Some of these focus on diabetic meals, meals for the elderly, meals for people with high blood pressure, etc. Others are diet-focused, cooking meals that are keto, vegan or centered around full diet programs like Whole30.

The purpose of these meal plans is to put your food health into the hands of a professional chef to help you reach a certain weight goal.


With more people concerned about their health and not having the time to prepare healthy meals, the demand for meal-prepping businesses increases. You can start your own meal prepping business with the proper research into consumer demand and meal prep strategies.

You can also look into meal prep ordering software that can help you reach your audience and organize your orders.

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