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Dos and Don’ts in Naming Your Meal Prep Business in Canada

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Are you starting a meal prep business? The first thing to make your business dreams into reality is to come up with a business name first. After all, your business name would create the identity of your entity. 

Thinking of a business name may sound easy, but there are principles to follow while naming your company. In this article, you can gain a sense of the blunders to stay away from when it comes to naming your business.

What Characteristics Make a Good Meal Prep Company Name?

Three important elements must be present in the name of your new Prepared Meal Business:

  • Clear
  • Memorable
  • Short

The Business Name Must Be Clear

When people in today’s environment are looking for a service they’ve never used before, they call their phone number.

And they’ll be quite specific about what they’ll ask their phone for. For instance, they could say:

  • “Food Photographer Near Me”
  • “Freelance Recipe Developer For Hire”
  • “Customized Meal Prep Website in Canada” 

Your company’s name must be descriptive enough for Google to understand what services you provide. You won’t even appear in the SERPs if it puzzles Google.

The Business Name Must Be Memorable

Even if you are the only show in town when starting a meal prep business in Canada, it won’t last long.

Success breeds competition, which is a good thing for your business.

A name that people don’t remember isn’t necessarily a good thing for your firm, so make a lasting impression.

The Business Name Must Be Short 

Business names might become ridiculously long to be transparent.

It’s important to remember that your name should be brief enough to fit on all of your promotional materials. The following are examples of this:

  • Your Company Logo
  • Your Personal Business Card
  • The Letterhead
  • Regarding Videos
  • And a lot more…

Keep it brief.

Avoid These Mistakes When Naming Your Meal Prep Business

This section appears to be redundant because it is, in many ways, the polar opposite of the characteristics of a good name. But this is so critical that I believe it is well worth your time.

Here are the blunders that will demolish (or at the very least impair) your business:

  • Making It Too Cute
  • Being Overly Generic
  • Using Too Many Words

The Business Name Can’t Be Too Cute 

  • What is “Supper Thyme, Adding Flavor To Your Life,” and what does it do?
  • What do you mean, “Dinner Bell, Bringing Families Together”?
  • “Family Savers, Saving Families During Dinner Time.”

Don’t go overboard with the cuteness. Your name should convey what you do and how it might benefit others.

Also, don’t be too cute with your word spelling. If consumers have heard your business name but can’t find you, you’ve lost business.

The Business Name Can’t Be Generic 

Every Meal Prep Business that forms to compete with you will be called “Best Meal Prep Service Serving in Apple Valley California.”

Instead of being generic, be specific.

The Business Name Can’t Be Wordy 

“Davis Home Delivered Meals, Organic Goodness From Our Family To Yours,” says the company, but how does it fit on a business card?

Being clear becomes a lot easier when you are succinct.

A Name For A Meal Prep Company With A Tagline

When naming your company, keep in mind that it must be short enough to be used everywhere while also being quite obvious. That’s why you should also include a tagline.

Your tagline will make it crystal apparent what your company is all about. The tagline can be included in your logo or utilized elsewhere on your marketing materials.

Most importantly, it will almost always be used in conjunction with your company’s name when discussing it online. The majority of people will find your new Meal Prep Business by searching online, and that tag will greatly boost the chances of finding it.


Take your time choosing a name. Many aspects of your new food business can and will change over time, but changing your name is a bummer. As your brand gets more well-known in your neighborhood, your business name will gain value year after year. In its purest form, the value of your brand (company name) is sweat equity. After you’ve decided on a name, you’ll need to add a tagline to clarify it further.

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