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Our Guide to Taking Impressive Photos With Your Phone

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As we swim deeper into the digital age, there’s no denying that consumers are becoming more visual people. Because of this, when you run a restaurant or food shop, the pictures that you post will matter and definitely affect the consumer. 

With that being said, there’s no denying that your food photos should look appetizing, even when you’re only using your phone for pictures. If you think that you need fancy cameras to get the shots, you’re most definitely wrong. 

Of course, when you’re gathering all your photos to use for your business, you must use food business software that will help manage your content and engage with your customers. By doing this, you’re providing a visual experience and an interactive experience too!

How to Take Amazing Food Photos With Your Phone

Tip #1: Your Lighting Is Your Best Friend

When it comes to taking photos of food with your phone, your lighting matters. This means you need to ensure you’re using the best light possible so you can get every detail of your dish. Not to mention, lighting can also alter the mood of your photos, giving them a dreamier and more appetizing look. 

Professional food photographers would recommend using natural light to light your photos, but if that isn’t available, make sure you’re using indoor lighting and angle it in a way that would emphasize your dish. 

Tip #2: Don’t Skimp on Food Styling

Your eyes will eat your food, too—that means you need to make sure your food looks as presentable and delectable as possible; that’s why food styling is a must when it comes to taking photos of your food. Here are some tips that will help you style your food and make it look amazing in pictures:

  • Take time to arrange the food on your plate to make it look appetizing;
  • Wipe away any unwanted drips and splashes from the plate;
  • Make sure you use the right props to enhance the whole picture, such as the right cutlery or tablecloth;
  • If table elements don’t work, like salt shakers or dirty napkins, get them out of the frame;

Tip #3: Use a Tripod in Low Light

If you’re shooting food photos in low-light situations, it’s best to use a tripod instead of holding your phone for the photo. If you hold your phone, you may end up with blurry photos, or it may not look correctly exposed. 

Fortunately, there are a bunch of affordable phone tripods in the market, so it’s quite easy to get your hands on one just in time for your shoot.

Tip #4: Edit Your Photos Harmoniously and Make Sure They Work Together

After you’ve taken all the photos you need, all you have to do next is to edit them and make sure they blend together harmoniously. You can figure out the latter by uploading your photos in food order management software so you can see how all the pictures work together. 

When you arrange your photos properly, you provide a better visual experience to customers, allowing them to view each photo easily. An added plus is that it’ll make them extra excited for their food to arrive!

The Bottom Line: Food Photography Can Change The Game for Your Food Business

Whether you’re using a high-tech device or you’re using your phone, you can still take professional-looking photos for your food menu. All you need to do is to follow the tips above, get more inspiration online, and make sure you couple it up with effective food management software so you can ensure that all your photos work well together!

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