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KitchenFuel provides Meal Prep Startups Head Start with Innovative Software

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KitchenFuel is an innovative all-in-one meal prep software offering non-techy chefs simple e-commerce solutions.

KitchenFuel streamlines the administrative side of a meal prep business through seamless digital supply chain integrations, so chefs can focus on what matters most: the food. In addition to offering one-stop for all of your supply needs, KitchenFuel works on growing client business with a focus on customer acquisition, retention, simplified logistics, and providing robust analytics. 

Getting a business off the ground can be overwhelming but with KitchenFuel it’s made easy, all you need is a kitchen. 

The founders of KitchenFuel ran their own meal prep business, managing the administrative side through legacy e-commerce platforms. The platforms were not tailored to a meal prep business, it was impossible to find all of the digital solutions needed in one place, so that’s where KitchenFuel came in. Made by and for meal prep professionals the team at KitchenFuel prepared their game-changing service to automate as many non-cooking responsibilities as possible with the non-techy chef in mind.

KitchenFuel becomes everyone’s virtual sous chef to support website updates, marketing, retention, and more.

"We want to democratize access to the same software and logistics used to run massive meal-prep delivery organizations.”
Christopher Luxton
CEO, KitchenFuel


KitchenFuel promises the innovation and excitement of new software with none of the growing pains and the service has been tried and tested for years. The software is already in use with great success. Founder and CEO, Christopher Luxton, is setting out to make sure through KitchenFuel every meal prep organization is working with the same tools as titans of the industry. 

“The goals is to democratize access to the same software and logistics used to run massive meal prep delivery organizations,” said Luxton. “The same software can and should be available to an owner just getting started. What KitchenFuel offers is an all-in-one-package tool where every owner can start, automate, and scale a meal prep delivery business from every kitchen.” 

KitchenFuel’s software is bundled with everything an owner needs to operate their business effectively. Each step of the meal preparation process is digitized, drastically reducing time-consuming administrative duties or costly administrative hires, and eliminating human error. 

KitchenFuel works with their clients to maximize customer retention. Through their back-end dashboard owners can analyze meal profitability, track customer behaviors and create engaging customer experiences. 

KitchenFuel simplifies and streamlines digital ordering websites for customers to purchase subscription meal delivery and a dashboard for owners to manage non-cooking logistics inclusive of cooking reports, email marketing, robust analytics, and more. 

The meal prep sector is booming and by 2022, Nielsen predicts it’ll be worth $11.6 billion. By 2028, the global market is expected to reach $27.33 billion. KitchenFuel is helping create this growth, enabling chefs to become entrepreneurs whether they’re just starting out or been operating their business for years.

The sector was already trending up but the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated demand. Restaurant owners have taken to offering meal prep services during off-peak weekday hours turning what would otherwise be lulls into high revenue days. Even at home people are flocking toward meal prep services. 

The COVID-19 pandemic made many people realize the value of their own time, they don’t necessarily want to spend it in the kitchen.  

Moving forward, KitchenFuel will also be a marketplace to connect chefs with food distributors offering cheaper ingredient prices than traditional retail channels. 

KitchenFuel is now a technology leader in the meal prep industry, removing barriers for new owners to start, manage, automate and execute a thriving business – all you need is the kitchen.

For more information and to learn how you can be a part of the meal prep industry, book a demo online today: https://kitchenfuel.ca/demo