Meal prep delivery has swept the nation in 2020 with a shift to working from home and lockdowns plaguing small businesses, but what actually is it? For some, it means a break from cooking AGAIN. Others find comfort in having chef-inspired meals delivered to their door step. Some may get meals delivered to make sure they’re eating healthy and sticking to that difficult diet.

Meal Prep means something different to everyone and that’s what makes it such a great and diverse opportunity for restaurants and catering owners. 

Heat & Eat vs. Cook & Eat

Meal Prep is really split up into two main categories: Heat & Eat and Cook & Eat. The Heat & Eat category consists of meals that are delivered pre-cooked, no assembly required. When you’re ready to eat, just pop it in the microwave for 3 minutes and you’re ready! No mess, no hassle, great taste. Not everyone has the time, skill or interest to make meals like Gordon Ramsey, but that doesn’t mean they can’t treat themselves to some delicious and unique options throughout the week. Who is Heat & Eat best for? – Busy professionals that don’t have time to cook
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– Busy parents that are on work calls during lunch while their child is about to start that zoom class soon – People that don’t like to cook and still want to eat tasty, healthy food Cook & Eat is a different beast all together. You get all the ingredients delivered pre-measured so all you have to do is cook. This comes with a perfectly crafted recipe card with all the instructions needed to cook the perfect meal. For others, working from home has freed up a lot of time for some people that are looking to spend more time with their families and one of the best ways to bring people together is through food. No hassle of prepping and arguing over who accidentally doubled an ingredient, it provides a step-by-step process to feel like you’re an award winning chef! Who is Cook & Eat Best for? – Couples or families looking to get into cooking with the extra spare time and LEARN – Curious people wanting to try unique recipes and love to cook, but don’t know what to make – Parents who hate the shopping, prepping and thinking about what to have each night Whatever interests you, there is a meal prep company out there able to fulfil those taste buds and get you on an amazing meal plan with the flexibility to weave in your usual habits.

Start with a meal prep software that can scale with you.

How KitchenFuel Fits In

Prepping hundreds of meals each week can put a strain on any restaurant or catering owner if they don’t have the right tools to track orders, variations, additions, sauces, changes, toppings, etc. There are a million things to keep track of and you got into cooking, well, because of the cooking!

KitchenFuel provides the back-end software that allows you to track your orders, understand how many of each you have to cook depending on your weekly cutoff time and then wrap it all up with label printing support to keep your customers informed. We do all of this to save you time in a prepping process that has nothing to do with the food. All these items can be automated and should not be taking you all weekend to figure out before delivery day.

3 Things to Know

Firstly, there is no need in 2021 to collect orders by Instagram DMs, emails or Google Froms. There, I said it. If that’s the case, there must be some replacement out there that is able to not only collect your orders, but help you classify and analyze them. Getting online in 2021 is a must and we’re here to help. 

Second, you need to own the relationship with your customers again. Remember those days when they used to walk in your stores and order “the usual”? UberEats and delivery companies like it have taken away that gift . Now it’s time to take it back.  Not only are you saving on the crazy 30% fees they charge, you also now have your customer data and as they say, data is King. Above all, you’ll be able to communicate with your customers again through promotions, emails, SMS and more to tell them how much you love them.

Finally, this has been a tough year. You deserve to take a break and focus on your family and friends and not slave the days away by hand-writing labels or figuring out which meals need to be delivered where. Let us handle these easily automated tasks with simple downloads.

We’re committed to your success and our team will provide the tools to take your meal prep company to the next level in 2021 and beyond. This is only the beginning – join us for the ride.

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