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The Rising Demand for Canadian Meal Prep Services in 2022

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In recent years, the prepared meal delivery sector has become one of the most innovative around. Customized homemade meals are now easier to create and consume than ever before. This implies that those who work long hours do not need to make extra trips to the grocery. It’s no surprise that people all across the world want to test it out because of its ease.

Meal kit services show the influence of technology in the lives of working customers as well as the food industry’s response to consumer desire for more convenience. Top meal kit businesses stand out with engaging graphics on social media and websites, as well as timely delivery and outstanding service.

Trends arise from time to time, as they do in every industry. Continue reading to learn how meal prep firms are prospering in the food industry climate of 2022:

The Rise of New Food Trends

The food market has always evolved, but it is due for another major change. Recently, the concept of “clean eating” has been taking the food industry by storm. Soon after, a new trend is emerging in the market: the gluten-free diet.

While people have varying preferences for their food, the trend for low-carb and low-fat diets remains prevalent. Many people have already shifted to diets that allow a moderate consumption of meat and are conscious of eating more vegetables.

Although this trend has been slowly gaining momentum, it won’t come as a surprise if more people will start picking up on this trend soon. The millennial trend of eating more meatless meals, combined with our country’s increasing population of vegans and vegetarians, has led to the emergence of new menu recipes that feature mostly plants.

The way people live today is becoming more fast-paced and stressful than ever before. And because of this, healthy eating and a proper diet are necessary. It is no surprise why people are becoming more concerned about their health and well-being.

How Pre-Cooked Meal Kits and Home Delivery are Meeting This Demand

The global prepared meal delivery market is expected to grow from $10.29 billion in 2021 to $11.68 billion in 2022 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 13.5%, beating Google’s growth forecast. And with the increasing demand for convenience and healthy eating, the industry will only be more popular.

Pre-cooked meals (which would be delivered to your doorstep by food delivery services) are expected to be one of the hottest trends in the food industry. This type of service offers a shortcut to healthy eating while saving you the trouble of cooking and shopping for ingredients.

The fundamental object of a meal kit service is to host a convenient way of healthy eating that is easy to prepare. These services are great for busy people and students. Long gone are the days when there is no time to eat, and people are too busy to go shopping. Now, you can save time and money by cooking and eating out of these meal kits.

Aside from helping people have a better diet, these delivery services have also helped improve the food industry through their packaging and technology innovations.


Trends and innovative ideas have already been flourishing and transforming the food industry for quite some time now. This has been most apparent with the rise of meal prep businesses. Their popularity is evident in the culture and preferences of today’s consumers.

People nowadays are working harder than ever before, and it is not surprising that they want to spend more time at the office and less time in the kitchen. With the help of meal kit services, meal prep businesses are helping consumers save time and money while improving the quality of their healthy diet.

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