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How to Download Route Planner


Your order reports are a crucial element in preparing your meals and deliveries. Understand where your deliveries are needing to go and use this report to:

  • Understnad where you are delivering your meals
  • Know how many meals in each package
  • Work with your delivery partners
  • Print bag labels

Downloading the Report

  1. Log into your KitchenFuel admin account.
  2. Once you’re logged in, you will be presented with four options to choose from: Manage Products, Meal Info, Orders, and Manage Tags. Choose the Orders option.
    • You can also click the left-hand drop-down menu, choose reports, then click on orders.
  3. Choose the start date and end date for when you’d like to retrieve the information.
  4. Click the Orders button to download your orders report.

Creating Bag Labels

With our partner, Avery Print & Design, you will be able to print off custom bag labels by using this csv to upload onto their software and create stunning visuals that will help your customers understand their order, but more importantly, it will help your team pack extremely quickly and work closer with your delivery partners.

Streamlining the Packing Process

Using our report you will be able to quickly reference how many meals are included in each order. This can be paired with our PDF Packing Slips to steamline your prep and coordination with delivery partners.

Integrating with Your Delivery Partner

In the report, you’ll have access to all your customer’s shipping addresses. You can use this information yourself if you choose to personally deliver the meals, or you could upload it to your delivery partner’s website.

  1. Open the newly downloaded Delivery Report.
  2. Once the excel file is open, save a copy of the report as a CSV (Most delivery partners require it to be uploaded as a CSV but always double-check your partner’s requirements).
  3. After saving a CSV copy, upload it to your partner’s designated location on their site.
  4. All done!
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