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How to Download Shopping List


KitchenFuel uses information from your meals and their ingredients to curate a shopping list for you to use. This list would help reduce food waste and save you money by giving you the exact quantities you would need to cook your meals. Here is a quick guide to accessing the shopping list.

Downloading the Shopping List

  1. Log into your KitchenFuel admin account.
  2. Once you’re logged in, you will be presented with four options to choose from: Manage Products, Meal Info, Orders, and Manage Tags. Choose the Orders option.
    • You can also click the left-hand drop-down menu, choose reports, then click on orders.
  3. Choose the start date and end date for when you’d like to retrieve the information.
  4. Click the Shopping List button to download your shopping list for that time period’s meals. This will be broken down invididual ingredient and also converted into grams.
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